If you're planning to design and build a website for your insurance agency, or if you're looking to hire a designer to do it, consider the following carefully:

  • The website must be clean, attractive and fast, so its design passes the "click away test". The "click away test" simply means that many people take one look at a website and they immediately click away to another destination.
  • The emphasis of a good insurance website design is on function. Your potential clients want to: (1) find out something about you. (2) get contact information for you, and (3) request an online insurance quote. If you are an individual agent or small agency, focus on covering those 3 things. You do not need to add volumes of information about the insurance industry. Keep the design clean and simple. The purpose of your website is to efficiently do business with your clients!
  • Make sure you include an online quote tool that works! Many small insurance agency sites have forms that cram a huge number of questions onto one very long page. No one will be eager to fill out one of these forms. Keep it simple and they will fill it out!.

You should also be sure to have your own domain name and website. Be wary of using the main company website, it may well send prospective clients to other agents.